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Principals Message

At the beginning I really appreciate my children for publishing “Clare Quills”, as a document for the future of St. Clares. This magazine with various articles would enhance the innate artistic and creative talent of the students.

We all have a moral and spiritual responsibility to provide the best for our children. Our desires are to be glorified through them. I’m knocking at the door of your hearts through this message and asking you, my students, to allow me to convey my best regards of happiness and confidence to each one of you. I say this to you, allow yourself to be captivated by Jesus. Let me remind you the words of Norman Vincent Peale: “Believe in yourself. Have faith in your abilities. Without a humble but responsible confidence in your powers, you cannot be successful or happy”. So the future depends on what we do in the present. Success has no reservations, it is for those who dream of it and work for it.

If you don’t believe in yourself who else will? Be positive and it can do wonders in all your endeavours. With sincerity, enthusiasm, determination, dedication, consistent performance and hard work, you can become a shining star.

Let us work as if success depends on ourselves alone, but with the heartfelt conviction that God does everything for us
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